EN: A moment of victory: Dr Smicala is getting her children back from the Finnish state

Announced today, February 22, 2021, on Dr Smicala’s personal Facebook page, Maria and Mihai Smicala-Jalaskoski are set to return to their family home for the next 6 months, after a court order has been given by the Administrative Tribunal of Tampere. The order is for both children to be returned to their mother, with immediate acting grounds. At the same time, the court order cannot be repealed.

Dr Camelia Smicala wrote: “The administrative court has decided for the return of the children back home, for a starting period of 6 months. The decision needs to be immediately put in action. Thank God! We love each and everyone of you.”

Years have passed since Maria and Mihai have been allowed to see each other, so this most special reunion is bound to be very emotional.

We could not be happier for this family that has suffered so much abuse in the past years! This will be the most rewarding moment of their lives – to have the chance to be a family once again. And we would like to thank every single person who has contributed to supporting Mihai, Maria, their mother, and their entire family throughout this ordeal. Every single one who went out to protest, signed petitions, sent emails to both Romanian and Finnish authorities, talked about the case, wrote about the situation, donated to the family, prayed for them, and did much, much more – you are the ones who made a difference. Every small and big step mattered. Every loving word or supportive action went to the family and encouraged them to keep on fighting for what is right. Today, we can all rejoice and say our blessings that Mihai and Maria are coming back home.

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