EN: The children have come back home

As Dr. Smicală has announced on her personal Facebook page, both Mihai and Maria have come back home. As announced in a previous post, a court decision has been given that would mandate the children’s return to their home for an initial period of 6 months. But, after years of torment and torture, Maria and Mihai can finally enjoy some peace and quiet in the bosom of their family.

Mrs. Smicală was so enthusiastic about the return of her two children that she redecorated her entire house for this momentous occasion.

Mrs. Smicală is letting people know that with the help of her husband, she managed to rearrange her home in a warm and welcoming way for the return of Mihai and Maria.

We wish the entire Smicală family to live these moments to the fullest, to have health, and to cherish every single second that they spend together. We can’t wait to hear that this will be permanent in Maria and Mihai’s lives.  

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