EN: Mihai urges us to continue fighting for his freedom

Photo of Mihai taken by Mrs. Smicală-Jalaskoski

More than two months have passed since the Smicală-Jalaskoski family had their last contact with Mihai, who is currently being held in a juvenile detention center at the request of the Finnish authorities. This decision was made following Mihai’s arrest at a friend’s house, where the child was hiding after running away from the placement center where he has been forced to live in the past years.

Mihai’s mother was notified about the place where Mihai had been taken only two weeks after the boy was picked up by the Finnish police, through a dry, short message sent by the social services. Neither the children’s lawyer nor the Romanian ambassador in Finland have been notified about the children’s condition or where they were about to be sent.

In February 2020, Ms. Camelia Smicală received a message from the same Finnish social services saying that Mihai no longer wants to make his and his sister’s case public. The social services in Finland have told Mihai’s mother that he is under a lot of psychological pressure and that he no longer tolerates what is happening to him, with the recommendation that nothing be published about the case of the two Romanian-Finnish children any more.

On March 10, 2020, Mrs. Smicală received contrary news from the children’s lawyer who was finally allowed to talk to Mihai. The lawyer asked the boy to give details about the message transmitted by the Finnish authorities to the mom, a fact denied by Mihai himself. The boy said that on the contrary, people should be made more aware of his and his sister’s situation.

Dr. Camelia Smicala talking about the news that she got from the children's lawyer about Mihai's message

Through the lawyer, Mihai asked all of us, the people who care about him and his sister, to continue the fight for their release from the tyranny of these services, who only want to hide the case of the two children from world-view. That way, they can continue to ruin other families silently, for their own selfish benefit.

But we won’t let that continue. And our voices will be heard.

It is up to us to help Mihai and Maria get back home

We started an online petition, in which we hope to gather 1,000,000 voices for Mihai and Maria’s cause. Each signature brings us closer to making the case internationally known. Thus, we would be increasing the chances of these two children finally being listened to by the authorities. That would bring Maria and Mihai closer to coming back home, to their mother. Please sign the petition here.

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