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The situation of the Smicală-Jalaskoski children is getting worse by the day. In the last weeks, Ms. Smicală-Jalaskoski was describing Mihai’s desperate mental condition which is due to the inhuman treatment that he is subjected to in the detention centre where he is currently being held. Today, we are coming with news about Maria.

Ms. Camelia Smicală-Jalaskoski took to Facebook last night to post the latest information that she received about her 13-year-old daughter. Maria is currently dealing with serious health issues. The child has undergone a series of inflammation tests (performed with the CRP 73 protein), which have come back with a very high level of protein present in her body. In the case of an acute inflammatory reaction, the increase in concentration of acute-phase proteins is correlated with the activity behind the inflammatory response.

Finnish social services notified Ms. Smicală-Jalaskoski of Maria’s condition via a message, refusing to give her further details about her daughter’s condition or treatment. Until now, Ms Camelia has not been able to communicate via telephone with the Finnish authorities, nor has she been asked to give her consent regarding any intervention or treatment that the social workers would have in mind for Maria. In the case of administration of any type of treatment, as the legal custodian of the girl, Maria’s mother must be notified and asked for consent. So far, this has not happened.

You can read Ms. Camelia’s original message below:

“Maria is sick, has extremely high inflammation samples (CRP 73) and is without treatment. In addition to this, social workers are refusing to give me any information about Maria’s condition. They are not even answering my phone calls. According to the law, they must provide me absolutely all the available information regarding the health of my child and they cannot make decisions about her without my consent.”

The center where Maria Smicală-Jalaskoski is currently located is Attendo Wihtori in Savonlinna, a place that is more than 360 kilometres away from Tampere, the original home of the Smicală-Jalaskoski family. Maria was sent to this center for teenagers with serious mental problems and disabilities as a result of her fleeing the Finnish foster care facility in November 2019. On January 15, 2020, Maria was apprehended by Finnish police. For several weeks, Maria’s mother knew absolutely nothing about her child – Maria’s condition, where she was taken, what kind of treatment she is subjected to, etc. Ms. Camelia was in the same situation regarding her son Mihai, about whom she did not receive any information from the Finnish authorities for several weeks after the police had apprehended him (he also fled the foster care center where he was forced to live at).

The Attendo Wihtori Centre is also a place specialized in psychiatry, following their online description:  Attendo Wihtori provides specialized institutional care for teenagers aged 12-17 who need rehabilitation placement during times of crisis. Attendo Wihtori’s areas of expertise include psychiatric competence for children and adolescents and the center offers neuropsychiatric and disability assistance.”

Although Maria is a healthy child, she has been literally imprisoned in this center against her will and without Ms. Camelia being consulted in the decision-making process.

It is up to us to help Mihai and Maria get back home

Save the date for the 14th and 15th of March 2020! The biggest number of international protests for Maria and Mihai’s cause will be organized around the world in different 22 locations. You are kindly invited to join these protests or to organize one yourself if your location is not on the list. In case you want to organize a protest, please send us the details at [email protected], for us to add your place to the list.

At the same time, we started an online petition, in which we hope to gather 1,000,000 voices for Mihai and Maria’s cause. Each signature brings us closer to making the case internationally known. Thus, we would be increasing the chances of these two children finally being listened to by the authorities. That would bring Maria and Mihai closer to coming back home, to their mother. Please sign the petition here.

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