About the initiative

Courage is something that you do

SOS Smicală is a community action group, formed by volunteers from all walks of life who believe in protecting children’s rights for real.

We all read what is happening with the Smicală-Jalaskoski family. We all know that, sadly, theirs is not a unique case. The Finnish Child Protection and Welfare system has been plagued for decades with hundreds of thousands of abuse cases against the very children they claim to protect. Unnecessarily and illegally taking away children from their homes, humiliating them, isolating them, abusing them physically, sexually, psychologically – these are all heavy crimes done within this system. Maria and Mihai Smicală-Jalaskoski are unfortunately two more victims added to the list by this cruel and silent Finnish system.

Seeing that no authority has taken proper action to redeem the wrongs done to this family, we decided to stand up for them instead. We are asking for the rights of Maria and Mihai to be heard and respected.

What we want is simple:

  1. Justice to be done for the many years of torment for the Smicală-Jalaskoski family by returning Maria and Mihai to their mother and sister.
  2. Setting a judicial precedent for all families who are suffering from the injustice of the Finnish Child Protection and Welfare system.

The SOS Smicală community acts and cooperates under the following values:

Respect | Justice | Family | Love for children | Voluntary service | Independence

Respect – for each other as human beings who have the right to live in dignity and peace, regardless of political views, religious affiliation, gender, race, or other preferences.

Justice – pursuing what is right for the individual and the family, especially when official authorities and institutions act unjustly or in an inhumane manner.

Family – we recognize the family unit as the most important building block for a healthy and thriving society. We act in its best interest.

Love for children – our children are our future. The way we raise and treat them will set the tone for what we will be seeing in tomorrow’s world. That is why we choose to respect, love, and cherish those who will come after us.

Voluntary service – we are not driven by personal gain. Instead, we are acting autonomously in the spirit of brotherhood.

Independence – we are a spontaneously-born, self-managed, purpose-driven action group with no other external affiliation than our wish for Mihai and Maria’s case to be solved and for families everywhere to live a normal life.

We are fighting to get these kids back to their mother

Do you have any questions about our mission or work? Do you want to help the Smicală-Jalaskoski family or want to get active in the SOS Smicală community? Then please get in touch with us through the contact form below.

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